1998 was the year.

After months of near religious listening to DJ Premier’s New York Relality Check 101 and Beat Junkies Vol.2 with Rhettmatic I knew that music and most importantly the use of turntables to push it to new audiences and uses were forever to be a part of my future. Fueled by dreams of becoming a grand scratcher, $50 of mail-order vinyl, and that years xmas gift ,two Gemini XL-400II belt drive turntables and a PMX-40 mixer I started learning.

In 2000 I started college and embraced the beginnings of the hi-tech movement brewing in DJ equipment. A healthy dose of student loans kept me current with gear, Napster and high-speed nets kept me full of jams while house parties kept me playing.

IN SHORT Lamar plays the jams. New, old, funky, dancy, all of it. You’d probably be doing yourself a musical favor in catching one of his shows. And he’s a hell of a nice guy as well.
In 2007 I ditched Michigan for the unknown in Las Vegas. During this time I found myself turning scratch into scratch alongside like-minded up and coming DJ “Remy the Restless”. Through a mutual love off all things synthy, sexy, and good we crafted a sound that bridged the gaps between the ’07 electro craze, LV’s hipster hop scene, even sedative heads. After two years of playing the Las Vegas circuit, it was time for change once more.

The party moved to Portland in 2009 with “Monorail” and I’ve been steady on the job ever since. Catch me spitting hot fire like Dylan at these gigs.